There are homes that begin their lives the day we take up residence in them, and others which have thousands of years of history to recount from the moment we walk into them. Residenze Litta is, without a doubt, one of these as it rises on that which historically made up the residential part of the Palazzo Litta monumental complex, a renowned example of Baroque architecture and seat of the eponymous theatre, the oldest one still operating in Milan.

The long history of life at what is now Residenze Litta will soon be the subject of a special museum that will feature various relics uncovered during the restoration of the residential complex. The items in question are amphorae, mosaics and objects of daily use that will be displayed along with a detailed description of the history of the area, the discovery of the relics and their restoration.

We will discover that this area has always been inhabited, we’ll get an idea of the homes, places of worship and commercial enterprises that thrived here, and much more. Stay in touch with us through this website to find out when it will open!

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