Milan becomes Mediolanum during the Expo.

From 286 to 402 AD, under the rule of Emperor Maximilian, Milan became the capital of the Western Roman Empire as Mediolanum. A little-known but nonetheless illustrious titbit of history for which, in view of the upcoming Expo 2015, the City of Milan has creates a route guiding visitors to the archaeological sites and relics […]


A short walk from “court life”.

It’s lovely to be in the courtyards, under the arched vaults of the noble buildings, and feel the atmosphere of times past, with words that seem to still echo in the air and the city which disappears behind an ancient wrought-iron gate.


The history of a residence becomes a museum.

There are homes that begin their lives the day we take up residence in them, and others which have thousands of years of history to recount from the moment we walk into them. Residenze Litta is, without a doubt, one of these as it rises on that which historically made up the residential part of the Palazzo Litta monumental complex


La location espositiva d’eccezione nel cuore delle 5Vie.

Una perla del distretto 5 Vie, le neo-ristrutturate Residenze Litta, nello storico complesso di Palazzo Litta, apriranno alla Design Week 2015 cinque appartamenti, che diventeranno la location espositiva per molti designer e i loro progetti: quelli del duo milanese Servomuto e dell’israeliano Magenta; le nuove edizioni la parigina Great Design Gallery e l’omaggio a Munari […]


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